13 February 2012 @ 03:29 pm
Cuddles is Kevyn's imaginary friend come to life. She is imaginary friend #3 (out of 6) and the first female doll. She has purple-red hair and turquoise eyes like Pat. She's rebellious and likes to sneak out of the house after curfew. She and Kevyn are now dating and went to the prom together. The 3 oldest teens (Mei'shon, Oliver and Jellybean) moved out of the household. They now live with their fathers (Dalamar and Remus).

Here is Cuddles in her imaginary friend form and as a child. She was quiet as a child.

It was difficult for her to make friends at school. I think she was teased a lot. It must be difficult to be called "imaginary".

Cuddles as a teen - rather stunning. She became self-assured. Yet she also began pranking at the school - releasing frogs and stealing tests. Her rebellious streak begins.

Cuddles and Kevyn grew close and are now dating. Here are (left to right) Pat, Cuddles, Kevyn and Collin on prom night. I'm not certain what Kevyn is wearing. They are currently the oldest kids in the house after their 3 older siblings moved out.
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