Sim Life
18 January 2012 @ 09:00 pm
My Kalli sim had a voucher for a child clone of herself. This is Annabelle. She was such an adorable little sim that I couldn't help making a video of her. :) She loves reading, painting, playing on the computer, cooking and tending a bake stand. She's also published 3 novels. She has 4 brothers (only 2 are shown). Her best friend is Kayle - LeAnne sim's little boy. They do homework together. I've mixed screen caps with captured game video. The song is from the Sims soundtrack called Pumpkin Pie. It's sung in Simlish. Enjoy the cuteness! :)

Video stats.
Images: 49 used
Video clips: 22 used
Music: TS3_ World Adventures OST - Pumpkin Pie (Pop)
Song length: 3:50
Video length: 3:41
Dimensions: 640 x 480
Size: 141 MB
Created with: Windows Live Movie Maker
Total creation time: 3.5 hours