13 February 2012 @ 01:49 pm
Kevyn is the younger of August-sim's twins. His hair is slightly darker than Collin's and his eyes are blue instead of green. Kevyn is very adventurous and loves horses. He dreams of being a treasure hunter or training race horses. Like his older brothers Oliver and Collin he also brought his doll to life and they are dating.

Kevyn as a toddler. He learned quickly and roamed around the back yard. :)

Child Kevyn. He looks closer to August-sim than my sim. Kevyn was on the honor roll often.

Kevyn's love of horses made it easy for him to make friends with a unicorn. This black unicorn is named Shoshone and became part of the household - much to my sim's dismay.

Teen Kevyn. His dreams of going on adventures became apparent in his attire. I think he dreamed of being like Indiana Jones. :)

Kevyn holding his youngest brother Martin (one of the triplets not mentioned yet). And here's Kevyn standing with his twin brother Collin.
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