13 February 2012 @ 01:29 pm
The next child that my sim gave birth to were twin boys - Collin and Kevyn. Their father was August-sim. I based them loosely off my own twins (different names). Collin looks a lot like my Kalli-sim - red hair and green eyes. He's athletic and enjoys being outdoors. Collin was born after Annabelle came to live with the family. And he's already grown beyond her child stage.

Here's Collin as a toddler. He's the oldest of the pair.

Collin as a child. I took a liberty and gave him freckles. :)

Here's Collin with his twin brother Kevyn. And Collin as a teen.

More teen Collin pics. He loves being outdoors.

More teen Collin outdoors. I don't have images of child Collin with his doll. But he did manage to bring his doll to life. I'll post pics of Collin's imaginary friend soon. :)
Current Mood: accomplished
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