03 February 2012 @ 09:30 am
Next came Annabelle. My sim was given a clone voucher when Oliver was a toddler. She took the voucher to the science center and was given a cloned child version of herself. Unfortunately Annabelle was unable to age up like the other children and has remained a child for over 10 years game time. (This was just for story sake - I could have aged her up if I chose to.) She loves baking, painting, gardening and inventing toys. She's published several novels. She also loved looking after her younger brothers. Though they are now bigger than she is.

Annabelle is a miniature version of my sim. :) With Mei'shon - she loved her little brothers.

Annabelle made friends with LeAnne's son Kayle (a Vampire child). Annabelle knew about Oliver's imaginary friend and wanted to do the same with her doll. But she became too busy with her other interests and forgot about the doll after awhile.

Little cutie posing in her party dress.

She loved baking - cupcakes, cookies, brownies. And she set up a bake sale table.

She joined scouting when the future twins became her age. She watched her brothers be born and surpass her in age over and over. It made her sad.
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