03 February 2012 @ 08:59 am
When Mei'shon became a toddler my sim decided to have another child. This time Remus-sim was the father. I planned to name the baby Abigail like my own daughter if she was a girl. But the baby was a boy. :) Hence became the original names. He was named Oliver. He looked exactly like Remus-sim - except with my sim's ginger hair and freckles. He loved science, books and music. :)

Such a cute toddler.

He was a happy baby. :) I tried the imaginary friend doll with Oliver. Unlike Mei'shon - Oliver enjoyed playing with the doll.

By the time Oliver was a child his doll was very close with Oliver. When the doll was placed onto the floor it turned into an imaginary friend that only Oliver could see. He was invisible to everyone else. The doll's name was Jellybean.

I think my sim believed Oliver was a little crazy as a result.

Teen Oliver. I gave him glasses to help distinguish him from the other ginger boys that came along later. He became a little more isolated - spending time discovering potions to turn his imaginary friend real. That became his goal. He wanted his family to believe he wasn't crazy.

Oliver developed a skill with animals and loved to play the guitar. He and Mei'shon played music together in the back yard. They dreamed about forming a band.
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